Deal or No Deal – Game Free Spins no Deposit 2020 – 1xSlots

Win up to 1000x bet whilst playing this great emulation of being a contestant on the popular TV show.
You start the game with twenty six boxes that each contain one of the monetary amounts listed on the left and right of the screen. The thing you don’t know is which boxes contain which monetary values.
Next you choose which box you will keep with you (maybe your lucky number) whilst the other twenty five are distributed amongst the other contestants. 
Now the main game and a process of elimination begins.  In each round you choose five of the boxes the other contestants have to eliminate each of which monetary values are then revealed and eliminated from the game.  Between rounds the Banker will call you and make a monetary offer for your box based on which boxes have been eliminated from the game and their monetary values. You will then be asked the big question – Deal or No Deal? 
If you decide to accept the Banker’s offer and Deal you will win the amount he offered you, all the other boxes’ monetary values will be revealed and the game will end.  If you refuse the Banker’s offer and No Deal the game continues until you either decide to Deal and accept the Banker’s offer or that there are only two boxes left in the game. This will be the box you chose and one other box that another contestant has. 
The Banker will make you one final offer for your box. If you accept it you win the monetary value of his offer, the remaining box in the game is revealed and the game ends. If you refuse his offer you will be offered whether you want to keep the box you selected at the beginning of the game or whether you would like to swap it with the other remaining box.  Finally the two monetary values of the boxes left in the game are revealed and you win the amount in the box in front of you.
This a Low variance slot (meaning more frequent wins).

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