How to find a new web mirror of 1xSlots online casino?

The site mirror is a complete copy of the original online casino. To determine which version you have opened, pay attention to the domain – instead of the usual name you will see a set of random characters. This is a link to the actual mirror for today.
What you need an actual mirror for:
  • It provides you with the full access to the site, if it is blocked in a certain location.
  • The official site’s mirror helps to balance the flow of players. This way we can avoid failures due to heavy traffic load.
  • Via the official web mirror you can play without problems, if there are any technical troubles on the main 1xSlots site.

For you there will be no inconvenience in using the mobile or desktop version of the casino mirror. You can log into your account like usual, get access to your game account, make a new deposit or withdraw your winnings, get a well-deserved bonus and enjoy your favorite games.
How to find the actual mirror?
There are different ways to get the link to the mirror: by checking daily email from 1xSlots or our social networks and by requesting the support service for one. Some sites that post reviews on gaming platforms, new products and providers share links to the actual mirrors. Click on the “Create an account” button on such a site and you’ll go to the mirror of the 1xSlots casino that is available right now.

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